Ash Stymest for Eleven Paris 2010

Ash Stymest for Eleven Paris 2010
Ash Stymest for Eleven Paris 2010

Once again. I died. No words could ever describe how much I adore this gorgeous hunk of a model. God. Sometimes I even pretend that I am married to him I even flipped when some blogger posted a title of Ash getting married.

Good thing it was just the ad campaign of Eleven Paris featuring Ash and Lizzy Jagger for fall 2010. Sune Csajkowski took the photos and upon seeing them it cheered my heart head on. He took absolutely gorgeous photos and he did Ash Stymest and Lizzy Jagger justice, truly. I say the people behind the scene gave Eleven Paris a run for their money. Ha.

No words could describe how crazy I am for Ash. He is just so cute, like OMG cute. Goodness, I promised myself never to let go in front of men. Guess what? Ha.

Moving on...

Well? Whatchathink? Isn't he Hot or what?

Tell me whatchathink.

photo credits: charmants


Madame A. said...

Ash is truly Hot. I think my ____ did a cartwheel. LOL

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the name of the song that was used for this photoshoot video?

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