Sequins, Red Lips, Studs, Leather, and a whole lotta Pizazz.

Sequins, Red Lips, Studs, Leather, and a whole lotta Pizazz.
Sequins, Red Lips, Studs, Leather, and a whole lotta Pizazz.

It's nearly September and the need of a revamp in our wardrobes is slowly creeping in. One month more to go and I'm pretty sure your wishlists will be full of clothes, shoes, bags and gorgeous finds just waiting to be posted for the whole blogsphere to see. Anyhooha, speaking of clothes and all that jazz, I found the perfect tees for fashion's January. Check out these going out tops from Very.co.uk:

Stellar? I know. I love how sequins are slowly making a come back in fashion, it adds pizazz to the whole pop culture craze No? Also, remember the look i had from my last post?

Yes? Well, I was wondering what bag would best complete the look. I am all about androgyny when it comes to picking accessories and I'm leaning towards these gorgeous women's bags to give more meaning to the rebel side of what I am wearing. Lo and Behold!

The black tote you see on the left and the brown satchel on the right are both from Modalu. These bags are just packed with so much attitude that my brains flipped and did a cartwheel. I dunno, I just find myself attracted to studs and leather since time immemorial and these two just score major hotness points. Don't you just love em?


Tell me whatchathink?!

Photo Credits: Very.co.uk


Madame A. said...

I love the first shirt (well I love all three) and also the brown satchel. I think its awesome.

Robert N. said...

Nice blog...good luck and have a nice day :-)

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Anonymous said...

I love the Satchel!

Peter Nygard said...

The first shirt with newspaper print looks great. I like it for my casual outfit.


Thanks for the comment y'all.. :)

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