This is an OMG moment we all love.

This is an OMG moment we all love.
This is an OMG moment we all love.

These photos have been circling the net and I am joining the Salt premier bandwagon. So, Waddup?

This picture just sparks major gossip and hotness points combined! I am wowed at how gorgeous Angelina Jolie looks in this picture. I absolutely adore her! Ha. Anyhooha this picture of Angie was taken last tuesday July 27 during her Salt premier in Tokyo wearing a black vintage thigh-high slit Versace dress. Eyes dropped and the series of flashes never stopped, I'm sure.Legs Slits anyone?

Wait! Theres More! Last Sunday, during another Salt premier in Moscow, she also wowed the crowed in a red Versace gown that was very, very hard to ignore.

Yup. Very hard to ignore. Isn't this also stellar or what? I love her dress here! It really looks good on her. Also, if you look carefully at her crowning glory, it would remind you to take another shower and wash that bush you happen to call hair. Ha. Kidding aside, I love her hair! God, ghd sure did her hair justice. See what hair and hair-talk can do to a woman?

Don't you just love the way it looks? All fluffy and light? With all that wind blowing from every direction I can assume one thing, her hair is in a condition ghd straighteners won't be running after for a little while. Ha.

Well? Whatchathink?

photo credits: getty
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