Lindsay Lohan warms the summer in GQ Magazine's August issue

Lindsay Lohan warms the summer in GQ Magazine's August issue
Lindsay Lohan warms the summer in GQ Magazine's August issue

I have been surfing the net for another bloggable topic and this one, this one just sparked major hotness and gossip points. Lo and behold!

This, by far, has to be my favorite set taken by the infamous Ellen von Unwerth. I absolutely love the photo and the styling here. I personally think that Lindsay Lohan also rocked this shoot, I just absolutely love her in her pictures. Too bad she is going to prison If only she could hold on to the persona she resonates in her pictures.

These photos are going to be published in GQ Germany in August. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. Hair? Makeup? Two-piece anyone?

A Lilo mugshot perhaps?

You think the orange is too much? Current mugshot makes her look baked. It's all for summer bebe! Ha.

Well? Whatchathink? Isn't she stellar or what?

photo credits: fashionising


Madame A. said...

This is funny, my feelings sloped from OOOOh to ROFL. Ahaha.. Love this post.

Argi said...

Hi, I am Argi from Greece
Best wishes to you.

BoogieBoy said...

Love Lindsay and all that happened to her made me really sad. Anyway, congrats for your blog, I loved it and promise visit more often. Thanx for your comment on mine too. e=)

Melly said...

Hi Thanks so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. Have a great weekend!

Eki said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Which blog of yours do you want me to follow?

Karen Cotton said...

Great blog!

Fernanda dauphine said...

that's what I was going to say haha,
how many people can say that had their faces in a magazine even while they were behind bars?? I'll give her that!

I gave you an award!


VOIP Headphones said...

I just started reading a copy of one of martina cole books and was totally blown away at how well written the book was. Hard girls is an intriguing book and would recommend it to anyone.

Nice review BTW :)

Helen Neely

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Just like Kate Moss, this girl scrubs up well!


<3 Loves, thanks y'all for your wonderful comments.. :)

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