Bernardo Velasco and his contagious smile.

Bernardo Velasco and his contagious smile.
I promised myself never to make my blog all about men's fashion or all about men for that matter but I think I am gearing towards that direction. Somebody point me somewhere else! Ha. I just couldn't help it. His smile is so contagious that i want to rip him out of the picture to see him smile at me, like for real. Ha.

 Ladies and fembots I introduce yout to Bernardo Velasco. I have noticed him before way way back  late 2008 and I never thought that he would make it this big. He is your typical pretty face. Too pretty in fact. Posing for Summer Shop's S/S 2011-2012 collection, these lovely photos were taken by fashion photographer Joao P. Teles. 

Isn't his smile just adorable? Too bad that Summer's over now. Anyhooha, we'll have to see where this take him in his next shoot. Looking forward, yeahp, looking forward indeed. 


Tell me whatchathink?!

photo credits: vgl


Madame A. said...

Hmmm... He looks very very interesting. I can tell that you are beginning to miss summer already.

Anonymous said...

Hey ladies, This Brazilian fellow is not for ya! He´s gay! HE HAS BEEN STAMPING ALL BRAZILIAN GAY MAGAZINE COVERS. Sorry and lucky us :-)

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