What are your current hairstyle favorites for 2011?

What are your current hairstyle favorites for 2011?

Back when I still had long wavy hair, I used to love the bedroom look (and I still do until now) but the thing with my hair now is that it is super straight. Not that I find super straight hairs bad, no no, they're prefect! But when like me, you consider yourself a person who almost always edits yourself, then sticking to one hairstyle wouldn't really do would it?  Anyhooha, two months ago I had my hair rebonded only to find out after a few weeks that i want my old hair back. I know, bohoo. I try to channel my thoughts to different things but our gardener wouldn't let me kick him in the, well, you know, so I get stuck bored out of my mind in trying to find a happy place. but the bombarding Image of this hairstyle just couldn't escape my head. I just have to try it on.

Ladies and fembots, I am introducing you to finger curls. I find interest in them because not only do I love vintage but the process in achieving these type of curls do not require you to have a curling iron or anything that uses heat. All you need with you are hair products and tons of talent. If you work in a salon or if you have a background in hair grooming then you pretty much know what I am talking about.

Sasha Pivovarova sparks major hotness points for having this kind of hairstyle and she makes me want to   just snatch her hair away if i could only but i wouldn't want my favorite model go bald would i now?. That said, Here are some finger curls that has a modern twist to it. Ladies?

Don't you just love the feel of vintage? Let's do this together you guys! Doesn't these photos reek of fabulousness just waiting for you to try on? I know. Anyway, should you want to know more about the finger curling goodness I am talking about or if you wan to see fabulous hair and hair products you can go visit ghd hairstyles guide and learn about all about hair styles and inspiration for your next look for 2011.


Tell me whatchathink?!

photo credits: becomegorgeous

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Madame A. said...

Finger curls are a very good choice this fall Jourdane. Indeed. Very nice post you have here.

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