Of Leather Jackets, Band Jackets, Denim Jackets, And the Fashion for Fall.

Of Leather Jackets, Band Jackets, Denim Jackets, And the Fashion for Fall.

Fall just started to kick in and I am one cold away from freezing like ice. I dunno why but I have the shortest tolerance to anything that is cold. Bella? No, no, seriously, I am. I can't even stay long in a place that is air conditioned. Summer is for me, i love the heat. I wish it was summer all year long. boohoo. That said, I do not necessarily hate the Fall season, I love the fashion that goes along with it. Fall for me is love, it's where the trees turn orange and its where everybody starts to look fashionably chic once again. No?

I have fabulous finds for everybody. Because of Fall and because of my undying support for fashion, i led me to a site that holds fabulous upon fabulous finds! Also, I just had the sudden need of a wardrobe change this season (that explains my search). Anyhooha, lookie lookie my taste for black lives on. Ladies?


I currently have the appetite for vintage and chic elements combined. Details of these jackets are beyond amazing by the way. Not only are they simple but they look very sophisticated. Anyone of you want to pair em with your latest or your oldest band tee? I thought so. That said, let's shop more at Ellos coats and jackets and see what your fabulous finds are!

What is your story for fall?

Tell me whatchathink?!

photo credits: Ellos.co.uk


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

I'm loving all of your jacket picks from this post! Would totally own all of them. A nice jacket can really finish off the look!

I'm Just Me said...

love the jackets, so ready for fall to get here!!
thnx 4 leaving me a comment :)


Despina said...

wow great choices!
lovely dear :)
the third one is my fav!

Maisy Shenzii Mckenzie said...

i would say they are awesome i love them all ^^

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