Late Summer, Early Fall. Accessories we Love.

Late Summer, Early Fall. Accessories we Love.

Sorry for being so out of the limelight you guys! I was down with something and before you go into conclusions, NO, i am not sliding down that slippery slope, and NO, I am not in a fashion rut. It's quite the opposite actually. Notice that Summer is almost ending and Fall starts to kick in? Yes, let us all welcome heavy clothes and all that jazz. Fall is a melancholic season for me, the leaves turn orange, people in pairs, all that drama; Yes yes, that said, I can't help but be inspired with these fabulous accessories to incorporate this summer. Ladies? Shall we?

 Nothing can beat fabulousness than a pair of fabulous bags. Leather for day and sequins for night. If you, like me, happen to love old romantic movies then you would definitely love leather. Think romance on a leather couch, only better cause you get to travel with it. And if you love old vintage glam, I see no reason why you wouldn't throw in a cute chiffon dress with a sequin clutch bag?

Moving on..

Vintage finds. Yes! lovely vintage accessories from Very shop. How lovely would it be to stroll down the streets with nothing but vintage inspiration set in your heart? Would you just love to go vintage with accessories that would make you stand out? I'm sure you'd love to. As for me, my choice for vintage finds is influenced by two movies. Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's and Funny Face. Think about wearing a timeless piece of accessory peeping through the glass of Tiffany & Co. or better yet, Think of wearing a Camel colored leather jacket while walking down the Seine. Wouldn't that be inspiring?

Speaking of inspiration from movies, I would have to pick one of my favorite fashion movies, The Devil Wears Prada. I remember the scene where Emily played by Emily Blunt was pre-interviewing Andy (Anne Hathaway). I'm sure it all rings a bell. How much lovelier can a feather capelet be? I just love this piece, I really do, feather's will always be my source of fashion pride and joy. I'm getting one and I think you should too!


Tell me whatchathink?!

That's All.

photo credits: very.co.uk

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Madame A. said...

I love the accessories. Most especially the feathered capelet. its so fashionable!

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