Post on Nov. 11 All I Want For Christmas Is You

All I Want For Christmas Is You
All I Want For Christmas Is You

I was rooting willy-nilly through a buncha stuff, looking every whichway for the dinky little whatchamacallit to flood my brain with gogetter bag gadgets. i then came across with this uberly delish bag that screams lurve lurve lurve! i lurve it. this bag is from Marc Jacobs 08 collection.

Will someone? Anyone? Hellloooo!? .... Echo.. * Echo*... Echo*

Geesh, I heard that this bag has been embracing the public at Rustan's already, I am currently in a dying wish of having my hands touch the surfaces of this bag, seriously, the belt key piece of this bag and you can't go wrong. Plus, im in a Marc Jacobs blue mood taday.

I should put this on my wishlist, watchathink?! It's lovely no?

Photo Credits: Flickr

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Anonymous said...

Gimme Gimme More!!

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