Post on Nov. 26 I Feel Like

I Feel Like
I Feel Like

Like, Like taking a nice good breaky break again.

After deliberately spending the night drowning in depression or whatever i call it, i decided to gather myself piece by piece, fragment by fragment AGAIN. Last night's drama was because of my having a moment being guyless in this friggin world. Trust me, I am in a bad need of a boytoy boyfriend. And trust me, after reading that line you'll really know how desperate one can be/get.

Anyhoe, my friend told me to channel my depression to other things but the gardener wont let me hit him in his secret place, so i scavenged underneath my drawers to see if i have extra fabrics, donatable clothes, accessories and all the glitz. Viola, this is what i came up with.
"yellow button-up shirt: G-Star, sunglasses: Ray Ban, vest: Basso & Brooke, jeans: Mergerutier, Boots: Marni, bow tie: Alexis Mabille"

I just gave blogspot a run for their money. Sasha Pivovarova is that chu?? Ha.

Moving on..

Comforted by what seems like a "moving" activity I still cant take my nose out of the ostrich feathered boa i blogged about weeks ago. Can't possibly find it here in the outskirts of my country, and in the place of cars, boats, and airplanes, its still not possible to find one here, i am certain that no store sells boas, unless i go to a dildo sex shop. And i don't wanna go there, after these came out...

Ha. Dildo my ass. OOPS?!

Do i hear wrappers anyone?? I meant the ostrich feathered boa genius! (God bless your dirty mind).

Now see where desperation will lead me? Enough dildos, tell me what you feel right now, i dunno, upon reading this message or anything you like to share, i sure do love to hear from you.



Anonymous said...

ahahaha.. you're hilarious! i love your clothes and your sense of style


Thanks a lot! ^^

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