Oh Vivid Boy I Wish You Well, I Got My Eyes On You: Ash Stymest

Oh Vivid Boy I Wish You Well, I Got My Eyes On You: Ash Stymest
Oh Vivid Boy I Wish You Well, I Got My Eyes On You: Ash Stymest

I could not even begin to describe how gorgeous this guy is. He's adorable, really.

I actually came across an page about this palooza months back but i was too busy designing my own clothes that I managed to ignore reading the article. Not Later than a week ago, my friend Carlito sent me pictures of him and boy was I charmed head on. "I have to blog about him".

Anyhoo, to most fashion bloggers slash fashion addicts his face is no less than familiar, to some, you guys might have remembered him in the October issue of Vogue hommes Japan. Heidi Slimane did him justice, AND he himself photographs well too. At 17 and three months worth of modeling experience he already rocked the fashion world and took it by storm.

I really think Ash is the Hotness.. no?

Ash is very good looking and he has everything I want in a man. Tall, Not too muscular, thin, not tall (he's 6'2), he's manorexic, blue eyes, awkward posture, skaterboy, band, cute smile, cute everything. Plus, the accent, you just gotta love the Brit accent. It's oh-my-god adorable!

Moving on...

After viewing the photos that Carlito sent me and after confessing my undying lurve for Ash Stymest, i did my own personal research and look what i saw..

Oh my... Ash, Please DO!!! Happy HOlidays?! HA.

You like him? Oh i know you do! Tell me whatchathink?!



Anonymous said...

Ash is hot!

It Boy Zack said...

So obsessed, I can't even begin to explain. Love your blog, btw.


I am too. Thanks.. :) be sure to follow my blog, i'll be posting lotsa ash stymest crap here.. :)

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