Post on Nov. 13 Project Runway Philippines Winner

Project Runway Philippines Winner
Project Runway Philippines Winner

I knew it, i really knew Aries would make it. Cheers to my hometown. Another one of our kind making it to the bigshow.

moving on..

I was surfing the net and saw bloggers blogging about the recent Project Runway Philippines. Others happy other's discontented. And not just discontented, disheartened of the outcome. some even call rants on why Aries won and how Veejay or Philip should have ended the season.

My apologies tothe Veejay and Phillip fans but if i am to think outside the box, these are the reasons why Afies Lagat won the first season of Project Runway Philippines:

Aries, in all challenges, has consistently and superbly shown his outstanding skills and talent in pattern-making and clothes construction. He is actually described by Rajo Laurel as a “The Technician.” His collection in the competition’s finale episode revealed his brilliance in craftmanship! “A Total Concept Design” is how the guest judge (Rafe Totengco) described his collection. He excellently demonstrated his concept- a confluence of excellent design, style, vision and technique. In fact, judge Apples Aberin-Sahdwani and host Teresa Herrera agreed with each other while discussing the cohesiveness of his collection.

While some argued the “wearability” of his clothes, it must be stressed that Project Runway Philippines is primarily a talent competition. It tested and challenged the finalists’ knowledge, skills, and talents in making clothes. This has been consistently vivid in Aries’ works in all of the challenges throughout the competition.

Aries’ finale collection is visionary contrary to Veejay’s and Philipp’s. Veejay, who has the simplest design collection among the three, unfortunately chose to be safe. He failed to take a risk-a must for any competition and considering that this was the last. On the other hand, Philipp’s collection can be described as “a grand tribute to the woman.” While it reflects sophistication and elegance, some of Philipp’s clothes however went overboard, not to mention outlandish. The crochet, drapery and elaborate treatments provided too much detailthat it lost its focus and his core design concept. The collection became quite confusing and lacks coherence. And it all out fair view, it looked "costumy" Although he gave the old-fashioned crochet a fresh and modern look, his collection’s overall silhouette is a travesty of an old era which made me think “haven’t I seen that before?” Nevertheless, his efforts landed him at second place.

Unlike the two finalists, Aries took a huge risk and it paid off! He treated the audience to a gala on the future of fashion - a truly visionary experience. His collection showed that an extensive creative thinking process was laboriously undertaken. It was certainly a well-thought presentation. Aries has proven his strength in making complex patterns and techniques while ensuring fluidity and simplicity. Indeed, Aries has defied the laws of contrast by synthesizing complexity with simplicity.

and P.S. you cant beat someone who studied in a good school. Philip Tampus may have mastered the art of intricate designs by his own and Veejay may have studied in La Salle Benilde with his modernity but you can never beat Aries' background in avante gard designs from Central Saint Martin's in London.

Bayas na kung bayas, a few even commented that they wouldnt want to wear Aries' clothes from the collection cause it was inspired from an alien from another planet. C'mon girls do you really think it was that unjustifiable? and if you want normal clothes, why bother watching Project Runway anyway? AND if you had the luxury of watching Project Runway US season 4, you noticed Christian's feathered frenzy? he won. Why would PRP be any different?

Anyway, i want to hear your thoughts.. watchathink?!

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Anonymous said...

Aries Lagat totally deserved it. right from the start, you would already know who would bring home em bacons.

Jourdane Smiles said...

i second that, aries was the obvious winner this season. well earned.

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