Post on Nov. 12 Breaky Break

Breaky Break
Breaky Break

Oh at last! needles out and Shades in! I am officially on Breaky Break mode. My friends and i have just finished making staggering pre-orders that trails as many as 75 pieces of clothing. Gowns, Cardigans, Trenches, Head gears, you name it. It really felt like making two collections in one season. What seemed like forever to finish is finally done in three and a half months. To sewing dujours, i know we were ambitious with the time-frame but look at us, lifelessly happily making the things we do best. NOW, we are focused on our collection this season, wait for it, its coming near. Im certain that everything we do will pay off in the near future. So, waddup?!

Searched the net and look at what i found. Try to Caption this:

this, ladies and fembots, is an ostrich feathered boa, this is my recent obsession. Looked it up online and it costs 145$ Click click. A fairly good price, considering those poor ostriches plucked to death just to harbor feathers for fashion moguls like me and you, yes you. Ha. This would make as a good head gear since the head gear fads coming out as a new "it" for the season.

Speaking of Ostrich plucking head gears, have you seen the latest on Alexander McQueen's collection for f/w 08? everything is just plain perfect! Excellent! Those head pieces just charms me head on.

You like it? oh i know you do! tell me whatchathink?!

Photo Credits: Flickr


Anonymous said...

its all feathers this season. No feathers = no flight. go go Ostrich plucking!


Die Ostriches! Die! Haha!

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