For Some Reason, I Lost My Canary Diamonds

For Some Reason, I Lost My Canary Diamonds
For Some Reason, I Lost My Canary Diamonds

Items: LV bag, Clinique Happy perfume, Esprit wallet, Benefit Kitten Goes To Paris Lipgloss with sunblock.

No. Im just kidding, i don't own one (My mom does and i plan to sneak it out tonight so i could wear it on social scenes, not that she wouldn't notice : *im dead). Earlier today, my car keys ran away and i have traced my steps, every single print, and i laid traps, and the key is not buying my bait, and pigs can fly either so shoot me. It was just here inside my precious bag, it was just right here the last time i checked it. Im kinda pissed-off with myself for suffering memory loss at a young age. I dont even see the stench of grey hair on my head yet, gawd.


I took a 30 minute walk, the weather ensaring my senses and as soon as i arrived home, i transformed from a Chloe dressed gay guy to an old hag. My BAG was drenched, my foot sore and i know the series of unfortunate events has just begun. F*#K!

"And BTW my lipgloss is sooo not glossy anymore!"

Where are those lucky charms when you need them eh?



Ajie said...

Oooher! Your BAG, Its A-mazing!

kait.lyn said...

love your bag.
hate the rain.
not only does it seriously damage my clothes and accessories, it makes my hair frizz up like foxxy brown.

love your blog!


ahaha.. Thanks Kait.lyn! ^^ I dont really really hate the rain but when it destroys a $$$$$ dollar dollar bag.. that is another story. ha.

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