The Men of F/W 09 [Milan]

The Men of F/W 09 [Milan]
The Men of F/W 09 [Milan]

The sandman came and i was about to take a snooze when suddenly my drowsiness lead me to the lovely site of Models.com and into the drooling list of men who would walk the runway for 2009 autunno/inverno (f/w) in Milan. Ladies? Shall we?

Agency: Elite Milan

Texas Olsson

Rogier Bosschaart

Petey Wright

Valdimir Ivanov


Thiago Santos

Steamy? Yes? No? There's more from..

Agency: Why Not

Tyson Ballou

David Gandy

Evandro Soldati

Noah Mills

Miro Moreira

They are Oh My God so Hot! How am i supposed to sleep now?
Oh well, lemme dream of this guys before i dream of running down on Anna Wintour.

Photo credits: Models.com

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