Tanya, Tanya, Why Did You Let Yourself Go?

Tanya, Tanya, Why Did You Let Yourself Go?

Haha. I know what you guys are thinking. "Nothing's wrong with this gorgeous pic". Seriously now, take a very very good look and you might say "It's a good thing she's blonde". Ha.
Don't get me wrong, i mean i love natural beauty and I love Tanya Dziahileva but when i started to appreciate how good the work of new fashion photographer Eric Guillermain is, my eyes suddenly zoomed-in in this unfortunate sight. Oops i guess?!

Lets zoom-in now, shall we?

Ehem.. Told you so! I could not blame the lighting since its perfectly nestled on Tanya's face. This is a perfect example on why we should not keep secrets. That goes to too much editorial photography. Hmm.. Let's give her a break. Who knows? Maybe she's just too occupied with her career that she forgot to.. well.. you know, or maybe the cat ate her razors, Dontcha think?! Clearly though, showing armpit hair is and will always be beyond me.

Oh well, better that than this, right?

Yes? NO? This is major madness! Tell me whatchathink?!

oh my, look at the time, it's dinner already. Ha.

Cheers!Photo credits: ericguillemain.com, Flickr

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