Gemma?! You Did Not Just Pull A Yo-Yo, Did You!?

Gemma?! You Did Not Just Pull A Yo-Yo, Did You!?
Gemma?! You Did Not Just Pull A Yo-Yo, Did You!?

I love Gemma Ward, I really do, i think she looks absolutely amazing! Given the Aussie accent and the soft face, i'd give her the credits, she's one of the few models who looks pretty in person (YesS! I have seen her, just one ChloƩ shelf shy away from giving her a kiss on the cheek) but takes absolutely fierce, fierce photos. She really photographs well, like "hell yeah hotness!"

Anyhoo... Last night around 2 a.m. I was about to go to bed when one of my fashionist friends sent me pictures and a link of Gemma Ward on the loose. I dropped my cup and ghasped, I need fresher air. Ladies and Fembots behold!

Ge-Ge- Ge- GEMMA?!

Source (The Daily Telegraph) say that the weight Gemma gained was because of Heath Ledger's death. And also after Heath's death she decided to take a breaky breaky from modeling to go trekking in Nepal and spend time with her friends and family. Aww.. Gemma, good for you.

She'll be back and we will be seeing her on the runways this "FEBRUARY". I don't know how much weight you can shake-off on the last minute, but, Goodluck. Still lurve yeah though!

So it was not a Yo-Yo diet after all.

Note to Self: Never go Trekking in Nepal, Weight gain will rise to 50%, Stick to your own manorexic diet.

Photo credits: Flickr, Dailytelegraph


Ajie said...

I'd rather she pull her act together. Milan Fashion Week is just days away.

Karmela said...

Gemma Ward?!

fashionkitten said...

She's pulling a britney everybody!

Carl101 said...

She was aware that she lost it though..

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