Valentino S/S 09 AD Campaign

Valentino S/S 09 AD Campaign
Valentino S/S 09 AD Campaign

It's the new AD Campaign for Valentino S/S O9 Collection featuring Stephanie Seymour .

This (which i never expected) is one of those ad campaigns where you stare at the model, appreciate the accessories, then you tell yourself "I have definitley seen this before but i can't remember".

Lurves the bag, lurves Stephanie, The picture is gorgeous (kudos to Mert & Marcus) but i am not crazy about the ad campaign. I dunno but i think that this is Valentino's weakest yet, and guess what?! It's still been a year. I don't even think that the budget would, in one way or another, rise to be a problem; Valentino is, after all, a rich shrine. I kinda understand what they want to pull-off but let me be the first person to remind them (as if. Haha), It's not werqing...

People, people, please don't go murder Valentino in any way, designer oldies have been leaving this world and i don't know if i would still be able to see one shrine crumble to pieces.
*breathe in, breathe out, breath in, breathe out...(and i do it again)*


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