What better way to start the new year than seeing my blog infesting the walls of Google search. Anyhoo.. I did my usual random popularity check and I Googled myself online, to my surprise i saw dear Patty Huntington, author of [FROCKWRITER] thanking me for nestling her blog in my glittery shrine.

"You're welcome gorgeous! you know i do enjoy reading your posts! I also want to THANK you for the exposure (Technorati is so on my list)! Im in a bad need of attention right now. HA. Well i hope my gratitude still counts even if its, uhm, days late. Happy New Year Again!"

If you gals are interested on who Patty Huntington is and what [FROCKWRITER] is all about, click on the link here in my site. You'll find lotsa fashion in it. It scores major Hotness points. Anyway, whatever the site holds, i hope you would enjoy it as much as I have.

and Oh Ladies?!

That's all!


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