I Maxed Out Over A SpongeBob Thingy

I Maxed Out Over A SpongeBob Thingy
I Maxed Out Over A SpongeBob Thingy

So here's the sitch, I know a lot of people who hates this fella but hating SpongeBob will always be beyond me. He's just so adorable! I had to buy him. Simmons Jewelry Co. made a cute one. This one's definitely a keeper!


I maxed out my card when i bought this item over the net a week ago, it screamed my name, i just knew that this piece is destined to be on my wrist. No i am not crazy and YES this is the white, blue, red, and yellow diamond studded pendant to be auctioned off for charity by the company. Hmm..

I brought my new bestfriend to partey!


(p.s. Im broke and my parents will choke me to death)


kait.lyn said...

i like it because it's not super obviously spongebob. you have to look at it for a minute first. like a little surprise!


Yeahp! exactly! This is supposed to be a necklace but i changed it to a bracelet. I dunno why, i just like to see it on my wrist i guess.

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