Ash Stymest, Luke Worrall, and Yuri Pleskun for Fiasco Magazine

Ash Stymest, Luke Worrall, and Yuri Pleskun for Fiasco Magazine
Ash Stymest, Luke Worrall, and Yuri Pleskun for Fiasco Magazine

Gracing the covers of Fiasco Magazine for the September-October issue are the 3 well-renowned rebels of fashion. Photos taken by fashion photographers Vincent Nord and Shannon Sinclair, they make me forget that for the nth time I don't have an effin vagina! I'm gay. Ha. Take a look.

I am quite the/your devoted Ash Stymest stalker and from the longest time i haven't heard from him, I have missed him like keraaazy. Anyhooha, did I mention how hot these three men are? I notice Yuri Pleskun joining the badass bandwagon I am more than happy to hear his cry. Anyhooha, flipped the pages of the magazine and I zoomed in on the "Lost Boys" editorial spread. Ladies? Shall we?

They are gorgeous, I know, stellar if you must. These pictures look fun and playful. I should say that Luke's and Ash's head piece looks amazing and I would want to have it inside my closet but I am just too starstruck right now. So pardon the sudden rise and super rise of enthusiast and the lack of depth in my words. Well, you know what I mean. Ha. Wait! here's more, Lo and behold!

Well? Too stellar for you? I know right. I better get some air myself, I'ts getting hot all of a sudden and summer hasn't left me yet. Ha.

Well, do you think these photos spark major hotness points?

Tell me whatchathink?!

photo credits: fashionisto



major hotness points!! I'm especially loving the bleached blond hair! :)


Madame A. said...

Ash stymest and yuri are hot men! whew!

earlearl said...

not sure of Luke's hair though.. cool blog!

seanmaximus said...

great blog, very good resource for me, thanks for your pots:D

seanmaximus said...

errrrr!!! i mean posts:)

Jude said...

A-MAY-zing choice of photos!! (hotness points - yes :)

AV said...

LUKE WORRALL, ASH STYMEST AND YURI PLESKUN. I must be in male model heaven! Well it would've been better if Francisco Lachowski and Cole Mohr were there too but.. EH.

Have you seen my Luke Worral photos? Haha love your blog dearest! :*


@ AV: I totally agree! :D Thanks thanks! :D

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