Marc Jacobs by Nan Goldin for Harper's Bazaar

Marc Jacobs by Nan Goldin for Harper's Bazaar
Marc Jacobs by Nan Goldin for Harper's Bazaar

No words could ever describe how much I drooled over fashion designer hottie Marc Jacobs as he posed a bit nude in Harper's Bazaar magazine for their September issue. I told you September packed a storm for us! Ladies? Shall we?

I am lost for words, He is just one hell of a hottie if you ask me. Nan Goldin sure did give this shot justice. I have been a Nan Goldin fan for quite some time now and I think that this picture takes the cake. Really. It's such a powerful shot. And its Marc Jacobs y'all. Waddup?!

Don't you just love Marc Jacobs and his cute bubble but? photos? isn't he hot or what?

photo credits: VGL


kirstyb said...

yes marc jacobs pics are awesome xxxx

Madame A. said...

OMG. Hot! Hot! Hot!

Lee Oliveira said...

I just died..
love him to death..

Jude said...

a-MAY-zing! (That Nan Goldin works magic...and she had a perfect subject too :)

LegalJunior said...

obrigado também por ter ido no meu blog


My Republic of Fashion said...

He looks amazing!!!!SarahD:)

APieceOfCrap said...

Awwweee! Thank you :D!! Yeaaah, we had a great time!!


best regards from Sweden :)

Emma said...

I'll take any picture of marc jacobs and these are so great!

Check out my jewelry giveaway going on now through next friday!

APieceOfCrap said...

Thank you darling :)!
the shoes are from Barcelona!


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