Stockholm Fashion Week

Stockholm Fashion Week
Stockholm Fashion Week

It's a fun week for fashion, and you know what that means? Gorgeous godlike beings making a touchdown and strutting their stuff on the runways Men. Its Stockholm Fashion Week you guys! and this is something I have been looking forward to for quite sometime now. Fashion? Men? Good music? what else could go wrong?! Here are some of my personal favorites, Ladies?

Ljung Spring 2011
I like Ljung's collection this season, I find a lot of very wearable pieces here and I think that the collection is something a lot of people can relate to. Plus, I am very big on shorts and the explosion of colors so this collection pretty much fills my wishlist. And oh, notice Viggo Jonasson? I know.

Filippa K Spring 2011
This is also a collection I have been eying on. I notice military jackets and cargo making a comeback in fashion? mmmkay, we'll see. Notice familiar faces?

Lagom Spring 2011
This collection is primarily the reason why I am still not over summer. I absolutely love the prints AND the explosion of colors! Inspiried by imagining a Nairobi dawn, strong color palette of Masai Red, Green Lagoon, Savannah Yellow and other vibrant colors nailed the look. All of the clothes are very structured and detail wise. I am intrigued.

Nakkna Spring 2011
This unisex collection, i think, floors everyone else. Nakkna nailed this collection. I find the array of blacks and grays very minimal and very, very unique. This collection is very ideal for Spring and I am sure that all you fashionistas would agree.

Overall, I think that Stockholm Fashion Week is amazing. I love European designers.

Well? Aren't the clothes here amazing or what?

Tell me whatchathink?!

photo credits: fashionisto
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