Zac Efron for Detail Magazine's Fall Fashion issue

Zac Efron for Detail Magazine's Fall Fashion issue
Zac Efron for Detail Magazine's Fall Fashion issue

Here's another hottie on the loose! You remember how hot he looked like warming the beaches of Maui right? (If you haven't click here) Well, it doesn't stop there. This time, Zac Efron sizzles Detail Magazine for their fall fashion issue. Looks like we can't get enough of hotness and summer? No? Lo and behold!

Oh God! No words could ever describe how hot Zac Efron is. To set things straight, no, I am not an HSM fan but I have eyed on him since HSM immemorial. He has grown from hot to Flaming Hot. Oh la la.

There are two things I love about these photos (Aside from the fact that this is Zac Efron of course). First is that the photo was taken by Norman Jean Roy and second is that the choice of clothing is impeccably ma style! Check out the first photo, don't you just love that kind of leather jacket? I know you do! Kudos to Matthew Edelstein for this.

I'm tired yapping. Tell me Whatchathink?!

Isn't everything about these photos stellar or what?

photo credits: VGL


Jude said...

Confession: his pretty boyness never quite caught on in this household, BUT this more dirted-up look is good on him :)

LegalJunior said...

i from brazil

obrigado por me visitar também

vou vir sempre aqui está bem?

me visita outra vez



Jasmin said...

and thanks for your comment
oh and yes, most of the time I'm having fun (;

have a wonderful weekend ♥

Anonymous said...

hey :) you dont kow me but, 1. i like your blog, and 2. i totally agree about zac. I have just started my own blog and its lookin a little lonely, please follow and i'll follow yours!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

He is gorgeous! Have you seen Charlie St.Cloud? There are close up shots of his face and you just have to admit how pretty he is! xoxoxoxoxoo

Anonymous said...

Great pics!

Special-K said...

hot !!

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