Daniel Radcliffe & Our Lady J for OUT Magazine

Daniel Radcliffe & Our Lady J for OUT Magazine
Daniel Radcliffe & Our Lady J for OUT Magazine

Now, this post sparks MAJOR Hotness Points! I have been a Daniel Radcliffe fan ever since Harry Potter came out and I am hooked to this British hottie. I dunno, I am a sucker for Brits, I love the Brits and I love Dan. Ha. Check out these fabulous photos of Daniel and Our Lady J for OUT Magazine.

Lovely? I know. I have mixed emotions staring at these photos but nonetheless I am happy and thrilled to see Daniel Radcliffe slowly exploring his sexuality, starting to go overboard, and making people give him raised eyebrows on the covers of OUT Magazine, the power of diversity I tell you. Here's more!

The moment I saw Daniel Radcliffe wear those glasses I knew that something was up about these photos and I knew Terry Richardson was behind all these. I have been a Terry Richardson fan also and I think he takes fun and truly controversial photos at the same time. Thus the reputation.

Don't you just love British men? Brunettes? and Blue Eyes? Oh I'm sure you do! And Oh, Our Lady J is the HOTNESS as well! Lucky her/him.

Tell me whatchathink?!

photo credits: homotography


Jamie McCarthy said...

Cool photoshoot. I love Terry Richardson - he's such a great photographer!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog, please check out mine.

Jude said...

You always find the best photos! These are great (I've a soft spot for Brits too - dating one :)

Madame A. said...

I am a harry potter fan as well. I agree with Jude, you always find the best photos!

NotAlone said...

So beautiful! Watch hot movies here

Anonymous said...

Totally, totally gay. Just wish he'd come out already.

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