MJeans Ad Campaign Featuring Sean O'Pry

MJeans Ad Campaign Featuring Sean O'Pry
MJeans Ad Campaign Featuring Sean O'Pry

I never really blogged much about top male model Sean O'Pry but it doesn't mean that I am not eyeing him. He is featured in this year's advertisment campaign for MJeans and let me tell you, he is smoking hot! nuff said, ladies?

I dunno about you guys but in this Ad Campaign he makes me feel like summer is coming back with a bang! it's no longer sunny here in my place, Sean just reminded me of it. Darn! I miss the sun! Anyhooha, here are more pics from MJeans.

So, after all this hullabaloo, I have two questions for you, First, How do you find his pictures? Doesn't he just spill major hotness points?! Next, Do you miss summer or what?

Tell me whatchathink?!

photo credits: malemodelscene


Noble Beeyotch said...

He is such an eye candy!

Jude said...

Yes indeed - and these great images show that off perfectly :)

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Kitty said...

yes nice blog with great pics!!

fashion junkie said...

Lovely photos. Great post. Love your blog.

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